River Bend Golf Course Men’s League Charter (2021)



CHARTER STATEMENT: The goal of the Men’s League is to promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and friendly competition amongst ALL league members.  Each match should present the opportunity for all golfers to come away feeling like they have made new friends or renewed old acquaintances.




The 2021 Executive


                                    President:  Shaun Morrison

                                    Past President:  Shayne Sundberg

                                    Vice President:  Shawn Christiansen / Rick Allard

                                    Treasurer:  Shaun Morrison / Rick Allard

                                    Directors:  Curtis Hegge, Rick Allard, Brent Klepper, Harvey Ballenger, Brent Squire

                                    Score Keeping & Web Page:  Shaun Morrison




River Bend Men’s League Executive 2021 Spring Meeting was held on Tuesday March 9,, 2021 in Red Deer. Alberta for the 2021 season, we resolved that: 


            1.         Our league will be comprised of 12 (min), 16 (max), teams; each team will consist of six (6) players.

            2.         2021 LEAGUE DUES - Payment in full is the responsibility of each player; the 2021 dues are to be paid in full, $100.00  for all members,  to be paid on or before opening night. 

            3.    Charter was adopted by the Executive on March 9, 2021







Meals have been removed from the dues for this year.  There will be a meal option for league night at a discount of 10%-15%. Meals must be ordered before the bringing on the round. 

If a player has a HCP of 10 or higher (9 hole) they will have the option to compete from the White Tees
If a player has a HCP of 9 or under (9 hole) they will compete from the Blue Tees
Maximum stroke differential between opponents is set at 5 strokes
The Par three holes (#3, #8, #14, #16) will not be stroke holes this year (no strokes given on the par threes)





1.         On the golf course the RCGA rules of play will be followed.  The executive will address complaints, breaches and requests for interpretation of play following these rules in all cases.  (Exception: As indicated on the River Bend Golf Course Official Score Card.)


2.         ETIQUETTE POLICY:  Each player is responsible for his conduct during and after league play, keeping in mind the spirit of the game, safety and consideration of others.  Players are expected to show respect for each other at all times as poor etiquette reflects on everyone in the league.  Complaints about conduct will be resolved by the River Bend Men’s League Executive and will be dictated by what is in the best interest of the league.  Members will be held accountable for their conduct at all times during league events.


            a.         Etiquette applies to members of the league, golf course staff and members of the general public

            b.         Discipline by the league can vary from a verbal warning, a written warning or dismissal from the league.


3.         Handicaps: Will be set and managed by the league based on league play and using the principles of the handicap systems that is recognized by the RCGA.  Handicap strokes are described on the 2019 Men’s League Score Card.


            a.         Handicaps will be recalculated each week based on weekly individual stroke play scores;

            b.         Play-Off Handicaps will be set based on the last week of league play and will remain the same throughout the play-offs

            c.         Eighteen hole handicaps for special events will be set based on 9 hole handicaps but, will not necessarily be doubled as handicaps are calculated to two decimal points and rounded off.  Individuals may see a plus or minus of one stroke difference.

d.          Returning member handicaps are brought forward from the 2018 season 



4.         SCORECARDS: The two (2) players in each match are responsible for keeping the scorecard.  It is highly suggested that both match participants agree on individual scores at the completion of each hole.  The score card MUST be signed by both players and given to the score keeper, at that time the score card is deemed official and interpretation of the card is at the sole discretion of the score keeper, the score keeper’s ruling is final in keeping with the rules of golf.




            1.         PLAYERS NOT COMPLETING A HOLE - If a player starts but does not complete a hole, or concedes the hole, he shall record for handicap purposes the score he will mark his score according to the Equitable Stroke Control (see next paragraph).  An “X” on the scorecard should precede this most likely score.  Such score shall not exceed the Equitable Stroke Control limit (defined below).”


                        EQUITABLE STROKE CONTROL (ESC) -  “If a player does not play a hole or plays it other than under the rules of golf (except for preferred lies when so designated by home club), his score for that hole for handicap purposes shall be par plus any handicap strokes he is entitled to receive on the hole.”



Course Handicap (9 hole)

Maximum Score

Hcp 1 - 9

Double Bogey

par +2 strokes

Hcp 10 - 16

Triple Bogey

par +3 strokes

Hcp 17 +

Max. Quadruple Bogey

par +4 strokes



5.         LOCAL RULES:  Rules as indicated on the River Bend Score Card or as directed by the club house are to be followed.  Clarification of these rules is the responsibility of the individual men’s league member.


6.         NO SHOW RULES:  A member not able to attend to play on a scheduled night must make arrangements himself or through his team to have a substitute player play for him from the list of players that are normally off during that week.  If unable to find a replacement, call the pro shop or an Executive member and find out whether there is a spare available at the course.



            1.         Failure to make arrangements resulting in no player representing his team will result in loss of the match.  The team attending will be awarded 7 points, the team who is short the player will be awarded 3 points.  If by chance opposing teams are both short one player, each team will be awarded 5 points.


            2.         A player not showing or making arrangements for the third time will be excused from the league with NO REFUND of fees.  He will receive a warning from the league executive for his first and second no show.


            3.         “Walk off” – executive has final decision on action taken after reviewing all of the facts around the incident.


4.         If a player must discontinue play due to an emergency or injury the remaining team member will play the other two opposing team members to complete the match.  With the assistance of the score keeper points will be awarded in a manner that is as fair as possible.


5.         Check in is mandatory 15 minutes before play begins – if no check in has been arranged, the executive will put a spare out in the players place.  If the player comes later he automatically goes to the spare sheet.


7.         Weather Delays 


            1.         The league executive will make the final decision whether play is suspended due to weather; in most cases if the golf course is open league will play.


                        a.         Lighting in the area – the Pro Shop will blow an air horn at which time play will stop and league members will return to the clubhouse or seek shelter on the course.  If the horn does not signal the resumption of play in 30 minutes members will return to the clubhouse for a final ruling on the continuation of play.


                        b.         Incomplete matches due to whether or league executive decision will result in no points being awarded.  Players will not decide on their own to half their match, resulting cards being handed in using this agreement           will result in 0 (zero) points being awarded to both player.  Points will be scored when golf is played.


8.         FORMAT FOR PLAY: The format will be match play competition.  Match play competition is clearly explained in the rules of golf booklets available at most pro shops and is available free on the internet http://www.rcga.org.


            1.         Within the games played each week in the league there are four individual matches matching two teams of four against each other, a total of 10 games involving all teams is played each week.  Each match is treated individually and does not affect the other three matches being played.


9.         SCORING:   All matches will consist of nine (9) holes with each hole having a value of one (1) point.  Scoring will be maintained on a hole-by-hole basis for all nine holes, in each match there are nine points to be won or lost.  The player with the lowest net stoke play score will win the point for that hole.  If a both players have the same net score, thereby creating a tie, then that hole will be halved and each team will receive ½ point.  At the end of the match the team with the highest total number of points is the winner, and be awarded an additional one (1) point.  In the event that the match is all square at the end of nine holes each player is awarded ½ point. Four matches involving two (2) teams will be played each league night.  Team totals will be accumulated each week of the season with weekly rankings being posted.


10.         Rangefinders and GPS: Rule 14-3 of the Rules of Golf prohibits the use of any artificial device that will assist a golfer in measuring distance or conditions that might affect his play. While the USGA (no specific rule exist in the CPCA Rules of Golf) permits the Committee to make a Local Rule allowing players to use devices that measure or gauge distance only, the League has decided  to incorporate such a local rule. Therefore, to be clear, Rangefinders, GPS, or any other artificial device for measuring distance WILL BE permitted in league play.


11.       DETERMINING THE PLAYOFF FORMAT (Team Seeding):  Two Flights (A& B) of eight teams and one Flight (C) of four teams will qualify by their league seeding for the season ending playoffs.  Each week teams will play off against in each division as indicated by the score keeper.


            a.         Seeding is decided by the number of points accumulated during the season


                        1.         In the event of a tie seeding will be decided by how the played head to head.  If,         they did not play head to head during the season or the tied during the season it          will be decided on how they played against the next closest seeded team.


            b.         In the event of a tie at the end of league play for first place the A and B event winner will be determined by arranging to play a nine hole match where from one to four members participate, number decided by contending teams based on availability of players, no substitutes.  If there is still a tie after nine holes, play will continue sudden death play until there is an outright winner;


                                    1.         If sub section (a) is not possible the format used in the ‘Ryder Cup’ will be used where the higher seeded team prior to the last week is declared the winner.


            c.         First round will be played according to the Ryder Cup format where the lower seeded team must win outright, matches resulting in a tie, the higher seeded team will move to the second round.


            c.         Second round will be played according to the Ryder Cup format where the lower seeded team must win outright, matches resulting in a tie, the higher seeded team will move to the final round.


            d.         The final round A and B event must have a winner; a tie at the end of nine holes will result in two members from each team continuing on in a hole to hole sudden death point format.


  1. Runner up matches and the C event matches resulting in a tie after 9 holes will apply the standard set out in para.10a.
  2. In the event of darkness for the A and B event, if they are still tied and unable to continue the matches will be decided by a count back starting at the 9th or 18th hole.


12.       ELIGIBILITY:  Players and substitutes must be paid up members of the league in order to play each and every match - (special consideration apply to Pro-Shop players)


  1. A player MUST BE 21 years old on or before registration night in order to be eligible to play in the league.Under aged players are encouraged to participate in the River Bend Junior Program.There will be NO EXCEPTIONS


13        Quorum and Voting. A meeting of the Executive Board shall be convened to conduct league business and/or discuss/change league rules or policy. Sixty percent (60%) of the members must be represented to constitute a quorum. League Rule changes or amendments require a two-thirds majority vote; other league business requires a simple majority.


14.       Disputes:  Any disputes or protests will be settled by a majority vote of the Elected Officers. If any of these individuals (or their teams) is involved in the dispute or protest, they will disqualify themselves from that particular decision.


15.       The executive:  The Executive Committee (League Officers):  (i) League President, (ii) League Vice President, (iii) League Treasurer,  (iv) Handicap & Score Keeping Chairman, (v) League Sponsors and Prizes Chairman and (vi) League Special Events Chairman. (vii) Dispute and Rules Chairman


            (i).        The League President shall be responsible for the Executive Board, chair executive meetings, ensure all complaints are resolved and report to the league as required.  He will represent the league to all outside individuals and groups.

            (ii).       The League Vice President shall assist the League President in the execution of his duties and in the absence of the League President, shall preside over league meetings.  He is also responsible for contracting meals (catering) for all league nights and special events.


            (iii).      The League Treasurer shall be responsible for establishing a General League Account, collecting all dues, paying bills, and maintaining proper accounting of all league funds.  He shall submit an annual financial report to the Executive Committee.


                        1.         The Executive Committee may request an audit of the league’s financial records and appoint a committee of not less than two (2) persons and at least one member from the league membership to conduct the audit. The Treasurer shall make available all financial records to the Audit Committee upon request.


                        2.         The Executive Committee may review and accept the financial records passing on the accounting report to the league membership.


            (iv).     The Handicap & Score Keeping Chairman shall be responsible for scheduling league matches, tallying score sheets, verifying match results, and maintaining league handicaps.  He will maintain all reporting to the league at the club house and on the League Internet Web page.


            (v).      The League Sponsors and Prizes Chairman shall be responsible for accepting and maintaining prizes.  He will be responsible for maintaining contact and a good league relationship with all sponsors keeping them informed as requested by the sponsors


(vi).     The League Directors shall be responsible for all special events including road trips, fun nights and the League Windup. League Directors are league Members at Large who assume duties as required.



            (vii).    The League Dispute and Rules Chairman shall be responsible for resolving disputes between league members concerning the rules of golf, the league charter and the golf course.  He may solicit help from the executive, league members and the resident pros of the golf course in reaching a decision.  All issues are to be reported to the League President for action.


  1. TheRules Committee Chairman shalland be responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Board on local rules and assist the elected officers in making ruling decisions.

  1. League Executive Elections


    1. Members of the League will vote at the yearend windup by a show of hands the executive for 2020.